Volunteer Work

At present, I work with AVP Colorado. It is my belief that a society is the sum of the individual relationship of its constituents, and that helping to improve individual relationships by presenting catalysts for personal growth is in service of all. I strongly encourage anyone looking for volunteer opportunities to contact AVP Colorado: http://www.avpcolorado.org

I am in the mentor pool for the National Board for Certified Counselors Foundation, and sometimes work on organizational committees and task groups. In general, I am usually willing to help out if time allows. 

When evaluating a new potential voluntary position, I have learned to make sure that I have the following information fist. I encourage others to do likewise (it can be suboptimal to find out the answers along the way…), and please feel free to link to or share these criteria. 

In An Ideal World (Trailer)

"In an Ideal World" is a documentary which features the Alternatives to Filolance Project (AVP). It was filmed in Soledad Prison in California.

Information Requested For Volunteer & Committee Work

While I am often happy to help with volunteer or committee work for educational, clinical, and nonprofit organizations, I have found that such work is best done under after I have the following information: 

1. A detailed description of my role, and of where that role is in the larger structure of what is being accomplished. Please include who I am reporting to, working with, etc, and their specific roles. 

2. A list of required tasks. I have found that it is not wise to say yes without knowing what I am saying yes to. 

3. A description of how these tasks have been handed in the past, and who last handled them (unless we are breaking new ground, in which case I need you to tell me that “we have never done this before”). 

4. A specific timeline with deadlines for required tasks. Unless I am the chair, president, or pooh-bah, it is likely someone else’s job to determine the timeline, and while I acknowledge that timelines often require mailability, I need a good faith honest schedule with deadlines for the required tasks in order to organize my time and fulfill my function. 

5. A specific, finite, measurable goal or outcome. Simply put, if you do not know what done looks like, I must respectfully decline your kind offer.

6. Disclosure of resources and liabilities relevant to the work and the project. (If you’re asking me to help you throw a prom with no crepe paper budget, I need to know now.)

Thanks very much,