Therapy for Gifted Adults

Perhaps because so much of the literature, training, and money around “giftedness" has to do with education and diagnostics, there is a conspicuous lack of attention paid to gifted adults, their emotional wellness, and overall wellbeing. One of the things that makes my clinical practice unique is that I fell into an area of clinical focus working with gifted adults. This happened somewhat by accident, and occurred because gifted adults kept choosing me as a provider. 

One of the things that I offer in my work with gifted adults is a wealth of experience. While this experience has shaped how I work with gifted adults, it has also taught me that no two are alike, and that the most potentially important parts of successful treatment is taking the time to identify SMART" goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) that will actually make a difference. 

Regardless of your clinical goals, my consultation process involves asking you to think about what your idea of success looks like: “when our work together is successful, what will be different?" To schedule a phone consultation, please click here.  

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