Therapy for Gifted Teens

By and large, clinicians who specialize in work with the gifted tend to focus on diagnostics and educational psychology; acting as gatekeepers for school programs and resourses. My practice is quite different and involves individualized assessment and treatment based primarily on patient goals. The gifted are not a monolith, and while there are some traits and tendencies associated with gifted teens, our work together will be based on your idea of what success looks like, not on a stereotyped list of gifted buzzwords. 

While each case is different, issues that I have helped gifted teens with in the past include anxiety, depression, the unique dynamics associated with asynchronous development, 2e issues, family system issues, and issues having to do with sexual orientation and gender identity/gender expression. 

Regardless of your clinical goals, my consultation process involves asking you to think about what your idea of success looks like: “when our work together is successful, what will be different?" To schedule a phone consultation, please click here.  

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“A good fit for people who don’t fit in."